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Equalizer APO 1.2

Adjust the audio output of your personal computer
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Equalizer APO is a tool that lets users improve the quality and power of their computer by simply adjusting the audio output. Its installation process goes smoothly and configuration is also quite simple to complete.

The GUI looks decent, responds well to user commands but lacks any kind of advanced options. Besides that, it's very intuitive and uses a low amount of system resources.

Some of its features include a modular graphical interface, VST plugin support and very low latency, which makes it suited for interactive applications. It comes equipped with a huge number of filters but you'll probably use no more than 20 of them. Once you've typed the filter in the configuration file, you can create a preset and save it as a text file. Also, the application can be integrated into Voicemeeter and can work on any number of channels.

To summarize, Equalizer APO is a decent Windows graphic equalizer. Its features are not innovative but they get the job done. If you can omit some button chunkiness and the lack of graphic customization, Equalizer APO is a tool you should try.

John Saunders
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  • Has a low CPU usage
  • Includes a modular graphical interface
  • Provides VST plugin support


  • Lacks graphic customizations
  • The buttons look a bit clunky
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